GeosyntheticsGeosynthetics for hydro-technical structures

Mounting and reconstructing hydro-technical structures, we often face the following problems:

  • protection of slopes of these structures from erosion;
  • mounting of draining layers;
  • repair and replacement of old reinforced concrete slabs;
  • underwater concreting works;
  • polluted sludge cleaning or drainage;
  • hydro-insulation of structures etc.

All these tasks may be solved using such geosynthetic materials as geo-falsework, ground drainage system, sand bags, non-woven hydro-technical geo-textile and geosynthetic barriers.

Usage areas:

  • protection of sub-grades, rivers, berths, channels, steep slopes and bottom from erosion;
  • geosyhtetic falseworks for underwater concreting works;
  • mounting works of various pipelines, such as supporting, covering and pressuring;
  • repairing and insulation of various concrete walls to ensure their watertightness;
  • cleaning of lagoons from polluted sludge.