Metal corrugated prefab constructionUltraCor

Structure corrugation: 500 x 237 mm

Wall thickness T, mm Cross-section area A, mm2/mm Inertia momentum I, mm4/mm Steel viscocity limit Fy, MPa Diameter of bolts mm
7 10,63 70803 290 MPa M22
8 12,14 81036 290 MPa M22
9,5 14,51 97031 430 MPa M22

Screws, nuts, anchor bolts.

  • Corrugated sheets are interconnected with M22 8.8 grade bolts.
  • The length of the bolts is selected as per the thickness of appropriate sheets, a quantity of connecting sheets and a type of joints. There are two types of bolt heads – oval and conical.
  • Bolt lengths – 50mm
  • 22 mm diameter bolts and nuts.
  • Steel anchor bolts 19 mm diameter and 330 mm long.
  • Foundation insertion parts – metal troughs, whose dimensions 282 x 157 x 38 x 5 L- 3988 mm.


  • resist especially large loads;
  • gaps of large width and height are possible;
  • easy transportable;
  • quick mounting without using heavy lifting equipment.

Usage areas:

  • overflows under roads and railways
  • construction of tunnels;
  • mounting of ecological passages for animals;
  • hydro-technical structures;
  • repair of old reinforced concrete overflows;
  • Mounting of ventilation shafts and chimneys;
  • various profile parts – elbows, bushes, etc. – manufacturing;
  • runs of animals.

Gofro bangos matmenys_UltraCor

Additional information in a booklet.