InfrastructureSheet pilings

Plastic sheet piling is manufactured from hard polyvinyl (PVC) raw materials, supplemented with modified additives, modifiers, increasing resistance against impact, thermal and UV stabilizers and mineral fillers.

Sheet piling is manufactured in two manners: extruded manner, when a uniform monolithic profile is made, and general extrusion (co-extrusion), when a product core is made from the recycled PVC raw material, and then it is covered with a layer of primary raw material.


  • Colours: grey, jade and brown, but if needed, profiles are made of any RAL colour
  • Easily and quickly mounted with standard tools;
  • economic;
  • durable;
  • environment-friendly.

Usage areas:

  • mounting of vertical barriers and supportive walls, using metal turnbuckles,
  • protection of water bodies and river banks;
  • Regulation of a bed of a river, a channel or a ditch.
  • construction of a dam;
  • mounting of protective embankments;
  • Mounting of supportive walls, protecting excavations, landslides and slopes from land-slips;
  • protection of territories under the changeable water level;
  • creation of barriers, limiting ground water infiltration;
  • Creation of vertical barriers, used in the locations sensitive to environmental damage.

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