NewsSecond production line at JSC “ViaCon Baltic Pipe”

JSC “ViaCon Baltic Pipe – plastic pipe Pecor Quttro factory. It is the only plant in Lithuania, which produces Pecor Quattro pipes which are certified for the Scandinavian market – the company has a Nordic Poly Mark certificate. Also – the company has ISO management systems – ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, ISO 18001: 2007.

ID200 – ID400 production line was launched 04/01/2016.

When installing a second line the first pipeline production line was stopped. This has led to more efficient and succesfull assembly, actuation and full on better work of the second production line, after both production lines were running operations.

The new line produces six different parameters of the pipes:

ID series of diameters 200, 300, 400;

OD series of diameters 200, 250, 315.

After the installation of the new line extra manpower was needed. Five people were employed additionally.

Training of the proper use and care of the new line took place in Sweden. 5 employees participated in the training, which lasted for three days. The second line mechanisms are simplier compared to the first line mechanisms. The new line not only increased the range of manufactured pipes, but it also increased the scope of work. Both lines work without rest, and all employees trained to not only work with every line, but also to know what action to take, if any of the lines something happens.

This year introduced another innovation – instead of “information” engraving with laser now the product and manufacturer’s information is inprinted on the tube in manufacture. This helps to avoid human error perderinant laser marking device. The result, as you can see, beyond reproach.

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