NewsForest roads – effective decisions for fast construction

In this months issue of magazine „Miskai“ our company specialists shared their insights on how primer strengthening could be done with innovative technologies and in environmentally friendly way.

Secugrid geogrids, Tipptex non-woven geotextiles and even cylinders of the tires – the main products, that can be used to strengthen primer for road constructions.

Local roads of the forest are very specific arteries of small trafic, which holds light and specifically heavy traffic (preparing or transporting wood). It‘s not only dirt roads, but also temporary roads, new roads for stalls and new areas of assimilated forest. While preparing these roads foresters often face the problems like swamps, silting or generaly bad driving areas. And they don‘t really have time or funding to fix or redo the roads. For people facing problems like these our profesionals use innovative infrastructure technologies and materials, for strenghtening roads on weak primer.