Gardens of Bernardinai (Vilnius) reconstruction


Detachable and the filtering nonwoven geotextile “Tipptex BS20“ (unit product weight – 250 g / m2), reinforcement geogrid „Secugrid 40/40 Q1“ (tensile strength – 40/40 kN / m, the raw material – PP).

Work completed

During the reconstruction of Bernardinai gardens of Vilnius it was recommended to reinforce all paths and squares in the area, in order to achieve smoothest, the most even and homogeneous depositions. This would help to avoid long-term deformation of the coating. Pavement structure reinforcement scheme was selected by the engineering, geology and current situation at construction site. While reinforcing the foundations isolating and non-woven geotextile with filter “Tipptex BS20” and reinforcing geogrid “Secugrid 40/40 Q1 was offered to install. Nonwoven geotextiles perform separation and filtration functions and also prevents  infusion of soil mix with faction below the weak base fraction. On non-woven geotextile a rigid, pre-tensioned geogrid “Secugrid 40/40 Q1 is laid, which takes over the soil resulting from shear forces and evenly distribute the load on the weak soil in its wider area.


After using the suggested geosynthetic materials, gardens of Bernardinai paths and squares (of pavement structures) required bearing capacity was ensured. These high quality geosynthetic materials allowed contractor qualitativelly and in shorter period of time install planned layout construction.

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