Jakai roundabout

Spirally corrugated pipes HelCor used for filling and forming cavities. Diameter – 1000 mm, the total length of pipe line – 2316 m. Diameter – 1400 mm, total tube length – 130 m.

The sound-reflecting transparent elements. Extent – 1470 m2.

Sound-absorbing plastic elements. Extent – 3364 m2.


Work completed
In reinforcement overlay hermetic spiral corrugated steel pipes „HelCor“ were used to lighten the construction. To protect elevation during the layout of concrete, pipes were fixed with metal loop attached to formworks.

For installation of acoustic walls, selected transparent sound reflective elements attached in aluminum frame. Plastic sound-absorbing elements were implemented as well. Acoustic wall elements were mounted in metal posts. Acoustic wall geometry and color were selected according to the architectural requirements.


Lightning pipes at bridge span construction was the most rational and cost-effective solution, lowering the price of building bypass.

Installation of sound-insulating walls at Jakai roundabout and around the roundabout ensured peace and silence for local residents, during heavy traffic junction.


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