Materials for bridge construction and repairPre-tension cable systems

Tensioned structure reinforcement technology (cables) is based on the principle of prestressing, where after hardening of concrete, tension of rebars is made in the structure for steady performance. This is achieved by tensioning properly installed high-strength steel cables. This allows to increase the distance between building columns, bridge spans, cantilevers, installation of floor structures on weak foundations, it is possible to install floors without expansion joints, reducing the thickness of slabs.

Scope of application:

  • bridges;
  • buildings;
  • soil engineering.

Other tensioned reinforcement products:

  • external structure tension sets;
  • cable stay systems;
  • tightened rods;
  • tendons;
  • ground anchors;
  • heavy load lifting equipment.

Pre-stressing in the structure creates favourable conditions of tension allowing efficient use of building materials, while controlling deformations and ensuring the compliance with the operating conditions.


  • increases the distance between the building pillars and bridge spans;
  • reduces slab thickness;
  • expense opportunities of architectural solutions;
  • It is possible to install floors of buildings or floors without expansion joints on weak soils.