Water managementDrainage pipes

We offer several types of corrugated perforated drainage tubes of PVC and PP.

  • Drainage pipe without filter is used for neutral soil composition: no prevailing sand or clay.
  • Drainage pipe with geotextile filter is used on sandy soil; drainage pipe with coconut fiber filter is used in clay and peatbog soil.

After installation of drainage pipes, it is important to cover them with a suitable soil – this way, not only the pipe is reinforced in the soil but it helps for better water penetration and prevents sludge access to the pipe pores.

Drainage pipes under heavy vehicle roads must be late in the depth of no less than 1 m. Typically, the slope is 3 percent, if possible – more. Drainage pipes must be laid on approximately 50 mm levelling layer. After laying, drainage pipe should be backfilled with no more than 32 mm stones in diameter.


  • pipes can be wrapped with ≥170 g/m2 nonwoven geotextile or coconut fiber filter;
  • possible pipe ring stiffness SN4, SN8, SN16 class;
  • special certified rail drainage can be used between the roads, and on roadsides.