Hydro insulation materials/Drizoro systemCementitious waterproofing materials


MAXSEAL is a mix of adhesive materials and special additives, providing waterproofing properties for coating together with other components. Coated surface is permeable to air, durable, not accumulating humidity, can be painted.

Scope of application:

  • drinking water reservoirs;
  • cellars with high ground water pressure;
  • foundations in order to protect concrete from water;
  • swimming pools;
  • waterproof and decorative coating for silos and cooling towers;
  • in refrigerating chambers;
  • repair and installation of irrigation canals;
  • waterproof coating for dams;
  • concrete protection and waterproofing in water treatment plants;
  • exterior walls.



MAXSEAL SUPER is a special waterproofing coating made of cement, controlled particles and special mix of organic and inorganic additives. Its special formula improves the coating and penetration effect by increasing penetration into concrete through its capillary system. The product crystallises inside the sealing, ensuring waterproofing and protecting the concrete structure. Waterproof coating is designed for application on concrete, reinforced concrete slabs, concrete blocks or cement plaster, also suitable for application on bricks and stones.


  • internal tightness and protection;
  • breathable surface;
  • guaranteed waterproof protection, even if the material is used at a constant immersion in high pressure environment;
  • resistance to hydrostatic pressure of groundwater;
  • can be applied on wet surfaces;
  • resistant to salt water corrosion and atmospheric pollution;
  • no toxicity for drinking water;
  • cured material can be painted, covered with ceramic tiles in swimming pools or on exterior decorative walls;
  • does not form a vapour barrier.

Scope of application:

  • indoor and outdoor applications;
  • foundations and other structures affected by positive and negative water pressure;
  • waterproof coating of concrete blocks and prefabricated panels;
  • thermal plant silos and cooling towers;
  • irrigation canal repair and waterproofing;
  • waterproofing of tunnels, bridges and mines;
  • water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants;
  • waterproofing of swimming pools;
  • fresh water tank waterproofing.


MAXSEAL FLEX is a two component product based on cement and special synthetic resin mix. MAXSEAL FLEX is flexible waterproof coating that adheres to various surfaces such as concrete, natural and artificial stone, bricks, concrete blocks and others.


  • provides flexible waterproof coating;
  • protects concrete against carbonization and chlorides;
  • water vapour permeability, breathable surface;
  • resistance to abrasion;
  • resistance to weathering, salt water and the effects of freeze/thaw cycles;
  • excellent adhesion and easy to use;
  • requires no binding agents;
  • suitable for drinking water;
  • long operating time;
  • no additional care;

Scope of application:

  • waterproofing of drinking water tanks, reservoirs and pools;
  • waterproofing of basements with high ground water pressure, walls, foundations, underground passages and floors;
  • waterproofing of new and old buildings, indoor and outdoor;
  • waterproofing of tunnels, canals, dams, retaining walls, water treatment equipment;
  • surface protection and waterproofing even with those cracks.


MAXPLUG is fast curing hydraulic cement that instantly stops water leakage from cracks, holes or other concrete and masonry areas. Cures in 3-5 minutes, depending on temperature, and does not shrink. After curing, becomes part of the surface on which it is applied. Powder, mixed with water only before use.


  • stops leaks, creates a sealing surface;
  • non-cracking, non-shrinking and not weakened by exothermic reactions;
  • expands when cured;
  • controllable rapid hardening (within 3-5 min.) by adding warm or cold water;
  • non-toxic in contact with potable water;
  • mechanical properties equivalent to concrete and in some cases even better.

Scope of application:

  • stopping of leaks and patching concrete surfaces or solid masonry;
  • emergency repairs of sewage;
  • emergency repairs of gas leaks;
  • attachment of valves and other parts;
  • for stopping water under pressure in basements, tunnels and sewers.