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MAXJOINT ELACTIC is a two-component material used to caulk joints and cracks in concrete, concrete formwork elements, mortar and masonry.

The material is durable, resistant to aggressive environment, excellent adhesion to wet surfaces, absorbs movement caused by operation up to 15 percent. With this material no special primer is used, can be painted after hardening.

Scope of application:

  • for structural joint and crack sealing;
  • joints to be operated under immersion conditions: in pipelines, water reservoirs, water treatment plants etc.
  • vertical facade and building joints;
  • patching cracks caused by movement and cracks in concrete and masonry;
  • flooring mortars that will be exposed to different missions.



MAXFLEX 100W is a single component sealant, polyurethane-modified, without isocyanates, elastomeric. It is resistant to atmospheric effects, suitable for permanent immersion conditions for sealing of joints or cracks, and for contact with drinking water. The sealant has a low modulus of elasticity, can withstand up to 25 per cent movements. For vertical and horizontal joints. Good adhesion to concrete, various mortars, bricks, ceramics, natural stone, etc., resistant to weather and environmental effects;

Scope of application:

  • sealing of immersed joints and cracks;
  • reservoirs, canals, water treatment plants, etc.;
  • moving joints of structural elements of reinforced concrete, mortars or brick;
  • facades, exterior walls, windows, door frames, etc.;
  • joints that come into contact with chemicals: chemical tanks, sewage treatment plants etc.


MAXJONT W-SEAL is elastic and water swelling profile made of moulded hydrophilic rubber. It is used if the material is in direct contact with water. Seals seams and cracks over time, and with increase of the volume of material in masonry or concrete. Due to the rapid swelling all voids in joints are evenly filled, concrete surface leaks are sealed.

This profile is highly elastic, up to 400 percent. Increases in contact with water, is durable and adapted to different types of joints.

Scope of application:

  • for concrete structures;
  • reservoirs, dams, canals and modular structures: tunnels, blocks, pipes, etc.;
  • cracks and openings in the walls and joints;
  • underground structures: foundations, tunnels, galleries etc.