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MAXDINAMIT CEMENT is safe destruction cement. This substance is very effective in where the use of dynamite or heavy breaking devices is not possible. MAXDINAMIT CEMENT is an alternative to conventional explosives, but a safer way of destruction. Using this material you need not to spend the work, no extra building permits, destruction is quick and cost-effective, suitable for use with flammable or explosive materials, for large and small projects.

Scope of application:

  • for dismantling and destruction: breaking columns and beams, demolition of walls, buildings, bridges, water tanks, reservoirs, chimneys, etc.;
  • destruction of concrete or reinforced concrete;
  • Breaking free stones and bedrock.



MAXBOND is a single component acrylic resin-based liquid. It is ready for binding (joining) different layers of concrete, better adhesion of mortar and the surface, when the surface is smooth and has no pores.

Cement is resistant to alkali, temperature changes, non-flammable.

Scope of application:

  • old concrete requiring repair;
  • paving, on which new layer is laid on the existing layer;
  • cement-based plaster or plasterboard indoor or outdoor walls and ceilings, which are highly porous and absorbent;
  • non-porous cement base surface: polished concrete, natural stone, marble;
  • attachment of ceramic components to the mortar.