Outdoor water supply and sewage systems and ductile cast ironManhole covers and grilles for concrete manholes

Manhole covers and gratings are used to cover reinforced concrete manholes.

Manhole covers can be blind lids or grills. Blind covers can be made of ductile cast iron, ductile cast iron with concrete filler or plastic. Covers and grilles can be fitted with locking mechanisms. Covers and grilles and their frames can be round, square and rectangular. Manhole covers and grilles by design are divided into lightweight type, trunking type and floating type.

Manhole covers by load divided into the following classes: A15 (pedestrian, bicycle, green lawn areas); B125 (passenger transport areas); C250 (freight and passenger transport areas); D400 (freight transport areas); E600 (heavy transport areas); F900 (maximum load areas).

Manhole covers correspond the EN 124 standard.


  • high quality;
  • longevity.