Outdoor water supply and sewage systems and ductile cast ironValves

Valves are used as control fittings in plumbing, sewage and other systems. Valves by function are classified into return, air outlet, control and others.

Check valves may be with balls, springs, discs, etc.

Control valves can be pressure-lowering and pressure-supportive, protective, etc.

Air release valve groups:

  • kinetic;
  • automatic;
  • combined.

Valve assembly methods:

  • flanged;
  • between-flanges;
  • threaded;
  • Sleeve.

Valves are made of:

  • cast iron;
  • steel;
  • stainless steel;
  • plastic.

Steel or cast iron valves are coated with anti-corrosion coating.

Cast iron valves internally and externally are coated with epoxy coating, the coating layer is no less than 250 µm. Flanges of flanged valves meet the LST EN 1092-2 standard.


  • high quality;
  • longevity.