Water managementOil grease separators

Oil separators are designed for cleaning wastewater contaminated with oil products. We offer a variety of oil separators to ensure effective wastewater treatment. Oil separators help to prevent blockages in the sewer piping (when oil and sediment particles stick to the inner walls of pipes and clog them) and complying with EN 858 norm.

Oil separators are continuous flow devices, installed in the ground. In order to ensure the required degree of oil substance cleaning from waste water (less than 5 mg/l yield), a suitable capacity sand trap is fitted before each separator where deposition of mineral suspension (sand, gravel, sludge, ash and the like) takes place. Such sand trap can be installed separately in front of the separator, or integrated in the separator.

We offer new separators with integrated internal hydraulic circulation system – run off.

Scope of application:

  • for treatment of commercial company waste water contaminated with greasy impurities;
  • removal of grease and organic oils from wastewater.
  • Treated effluent level complies with EN 1825 standard requirements


  • manufactured in different sizes according to the needs;
  • produced in different capacities as needed;
  • made of different materials (plastic, concrete, fibreglass, concrete);
  • underground (buried in the ground) and overground.