Sewer constructionPECOR QUATTRO

Main material, used for the manufacturing structural Pecor Quattro pipes, is a polipropylene co-polymer, designated with PP. It distinguishes in elasticity module. Pecor Quattro pipes are manufactured in accordance with the requirements LST EN 13476-3 standard. The exterior of pipes is corrugated and inside is smooth. These products are unique that a bushing is formed up without manufacture interruption, expanding the same pipe to an appropriate length. Watertightness and reliability of pipes is ensured.

Technical data
Pecor Quattro circular strength is 8 kN/m2. As the plastic pipes are of flexible structure, so the largest part of a pipe load is transferred to the ground. Due to this reason, insufficient compaction of the ground is the main reason of the deformation of pipes.

Ring stiffness 8 kPa
density ≥ 0,90 g/cm3
softening temperature in accordance with Vicat 146 °C
e-modul as per Young ≥ 1600 N/mm2
stretching strength 20 N/mm2
linear heat expansion ratio 0,12 mm/mK
heat conductivity 0,30 W/mK

Standard length of manufactured pipes is 6.0. It is possible to manufacture pipes 1.0-9.0 long under the special order.

Chemical resistance
PP raw materials, from which pipes are manufactured, chemical resistance conforms to the requirements of the EN 13476-3 standard.

Elasticity module
Special Pecor Quattro feature of pipes is elasticity. The cross-section of the pipe is elastic and may be deformed within allowable limits – to 9% pipe diameter with the effect of the ground.

Temperature working mode
Pipe working temperature is up to 60°C. Short-term working operating temperature may reach to 110°C. The lowest temperature at which the Pecor Quattro pipes may be mounted is -20°C. PP pipes do not lose elasticity, crack or crumble at this temperature.

Electrical conductivity
Pecor Quattro pipes are no conductive to electricity, so it is not needed to design protection against wandering currents.

Pecor Quattro pipe system is fully compatible with the other pipe systems (PVC, PP and HDPE).


  • Material – polipropylene (PP);
  • high elasticity module;
  • Bushing is formed without the interruption of manufacturing;
  • compatibility;
  • quick and easy assembly;
  • resistant to corrosion and chemicals;
  • an option to mount in negative temperatures

Usage areas:

  • infrastructural networks
  • overflows under roads, railways, airport runways;
  • drainage;
  • domestic and rain waste water;
  • protection of underground cables;
  • ventilation channels;
  • industrial and residential construction needs;
  • non-standard products; pontoons, perforated drainage pipes, wells etc.

Additional information in a booklet.

Pecor Quattro