Water managementSurface water collection systems

Water collection systems are designed to collect storm water from areas coated with artificial coating.

Linear drainage system is one of the most popular surface water collection systems. It consists of gutters made of corrosion-resistant materials: polymer concrete or plastic. Gutters come in different widths and heights, with or without slope. The big range of grilles (plastic, cast iron, steel) makes these gutters highly versatile. Gutters can be of different load classes – from A15 to F900 (from 1.5 tons to 90 tons).

Scope of application:

  • private home backyards;
  • pedestrian walkways;
  • Parking;
  • in urban and industrial areas with slow traffic.

ACO Powerdrain is a product of ACO DRAIN product family, based on EN 1433 standard. Customers are offered powerful duct system V 75/100 P, V 125/150 P, V 175/200 P and V 275/300 P. ACO Powerdrain is characterized by stability, functionality, noise suppression and optimal price-performance ratio. These gutters are ideal for heavy traffic areas.


  • universally applicable;
  • innovative V-shaped cross-section of the gutter;
  • integrated rubber shock absorbers for sound suppression;
  • longevity;
  • protection against corrosion;
  • PowerLock grille mounting system.