Water managementTanks

Tanks are made of spirally corrugated HelCor pipes. Pipes and connectors are waterproof and corrosion-resistant due to hot coating and polymer coating. Tanks are used for storm water and waste water accumulation in the range pH = 3–12. The system requires less space and is more cost-effective than other classical solutions. Diameter up to 3.6 m and withstanding of high gravity makes the system perfect for handling storm water drains in densely developed areas. Fire tanks made of glass plastic are designed for water accumulation, which is then used in case of fire. Tank design is horizontal, underground and above ground.


  • short construction time;
  • available large lengths of separated elements;
  • lightweight elements;
  • use of anti-corrosion coatings

Scope of application:

  • for storage of liquid and bulk fertilizer;
  • for storage of diesel fuel, all brands of gasoline, ethanol;
  • for liquid manure;
  • for fire alarm water;
  • for AD Blue solution;
  • for PVC granules;
  • for softened water;
  • for drinking water;
  • for industrial and urban waste water;
  • for digesters;
  • for cement;
  • for biofuel pellets;
  • for fuel oil storage.