ViaCon Statyba

UAB ViaCon Statyba – an undertaking successfully operating in the installation of geosynthetics, roofing, landscaping, road construction areas since 2007. During these years the company has gained a lot of experience in constructing new and closing old landfills, sports grounds, carrying out waterproofing of roofs, foundations and underground parking lots, carrying out landscaping work, paving streets, collecting installing waterproofing in culverts and subways.

Strengths of the company as a reliable contractor:

  • all types of building waterproofing, solving water problems on site;
  • offering the customer the best waterproofing techniques, being a direct supplier of materials and the former of work;
  • installing the whole “sandwich” – preparation of substrates, waterproofing and concreting;
  • complex tasks –foundation/terrace waterproofing, insulation, filling, landscaping; assembly of culverts, waterproofing, backfilling, road design, etc.;
  • a variety of landscaping works;
  • environmental projects, construction and waterproofing of landfills, open reservoirs, sludge lagoons.


Building waterproofing installation

The actively company operates in all types of waterproofing of buildings. Waterproofing of building foundations, parking lots, terraces. Waterproofing covers on other structures, such as pedestrian crossings. All services are performed as a complex – with thermal insulation, concreting, preparation of substrates, excavation and backfilling.

We work with a number of waterproofing materials: bentonite clay carpet, HDPE geomembrane, repair Drizoro mortars and mastics, etc.


Installation and waterproofing of roof terraces

Installation of roofs, terraces and foundations, waterproofing and thermal insulation, sheet coating. All work – from thermal insulation of slabs to fully waterproofed roof completely ready to use. Renovation work.

We are focusing on superposed, sloping, “the other way round”, green and ballast roofs.

We work with materials such as bitumen welded roll coating, PVC, TPO, etc.


Landscaping, road construction

High quality of all landscaping work:

  • environmental beautification and management;
  • paving, tiling;
  • installation of athletic fields, stadiums;
  • strengthening of slopes and foundations;
  • erosion prevention installations.

Road construction and repair:

  • tiling, paving;
  • parking curbs;
  • asphalt coating;
  • landfill construction;
  • installation of acoustic walls;
  • installation and waterproofing of culverts, precast underpasses;
  • construction of prefabricated structures.

Rent of machinery.


Installation and waterproofing of open ponds and reservoirs, landfills

We are strong and in demand in this area, because of our extensive experience in HDPE geomembrane welding and open tank and landfill waterproofing. Only during the last 4 years we have waterproofed 6 newly constructed landfills.

People choose us because:

  • we do the work ourselves, without hiring third parties;
  • the work is carried out by welders with international certificates;
  • we work throughout Lithuania;
  • we provide material and workmanship warranty;
  • we make offers based on the project, and consult on all installation and operational matters;
  • we provide as-is documentation;
  • we work only with the highest quality German materials.

We use the HDPE geomembrane waterproofing:

  • for fuel tank protection;
  • for fireproof tanks;
  • for filtrate tanks;
  • for covered and open slurry lagoons;
  • for artificial ornamental ponds;
  • for landfills;
  • for car park waterproofing;
  • for waterproofing of culverts, pedestrian crossings etc.



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