Fiberglass Geogrids & Geocomposites

Fiberglass geogrids mats drain groundwater at high loads 

Geocomposites for reinforcement of bituminous road surfaces 

Fiberglass geogrids, or geocomposites, are geosynthetics widely used for asphalt reinforcement. Cracking is the main problem in asphalt surfaces. It may be caused by poor condition of the previous asphalt surface, stretch coefficients, temperature changes, moisture and the freeze-thaw cycle. All these issues are resolved by our fiberglass geosynthetics. The grids are made of glass fibers knitted in a bioriented structure and bituminous coated. In the geocomposites, glass fibre grid is bonded with non-woven polypropylene geotextile. The product is CE certified and famous for its quality, durability, and high temperature resistance.  

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Features and Benefits

Easy and economical transportation

Geogrids save labour and transportation costs because they are very light and easy to lay on site.

High quality material

Geogrids are characterized by low elongation (up to 3%) and a high tensile strength (up to 200 kN/m).


The material is resistant to high temperatures, up to 240°C.  

Flexible design

The product is available in various sizes, weights, and strengths from 50 kN/m to 200 kN/m.

Long service life

The grids are corrosion-resistant and can serve for up to 100 years. 

  • Prevention of reflective cracking 

  • Reinforcement of asphalt layers, e.g., in areas with heavy load traffic (airports, car parks) 

  • Reinforcement of connections between two different structures or new and old structures

  • Ruts prevention

  • Reinforcement of connections when widening roads

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